Support the Craft

Hey, its Erik Hogan. I’m very grateful to have you here. Going on adventures in the wild by backpacking and hiking, and creating artistic photographs of the Nature that I encounter is what I love doing. But, none of it is easy. It is physically challenging, very time consuming, and expensive.

I am offering my images and words to you here, for free. My motivation is twofold. I want to preserve what pristine and wild places are left in this world. My method of doing so is to present the stunning beauty of these lands, to the effect that their loss would be recognized by all as an abomination. I also want to rouse you to profound awareness of the wonder and sacredness of the natural. Life is fleeting and I am humbly presenting antidotes to the madness of civilization.

You need better art in your life, and I want to provide it through my photos and writing. To do this, I could use some support towards:

  • Camera, video, and computer systems, programs, and accessories

  • Backpacking equipment and supplies

  • Fuel and vehicle maintenance

  • The creation of physical photo prints, with the end goal of exhibiting them locally for public view

Here are two ways you can contribute to the mission-

First, consider purchasing a photo print from my Shootproof gallery. If this becomes a viable option for purchases, I can greatly expand the number of photos I offer there. Feel free to message me with questions or for recommendations about prints.

Photo Galleries

Second, you can chip in and join the effort with a donation here. Any support is greatly appreciated.